KSAs - Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

KSA stands for knowledge, skills, and abilities. These are common job specifications asked by employers to give alongside a CV. You are supposed to give KSAs when applying for executive-level positions or government jobs. What is meant by knowledge, skills, and abilities? Knowledge means vital information for performing a certain job. Skills mainly refer to acquired measurable behaviors while abilities mean natural talents or developed dexterities.

Knowledge requirements will include policies and procedure, administrative practices, relevant regulations or directives, and other factual information that makes performance of the task possible.

Skills are the manipulation of objects, people, or data by verbal, mental, or physical means. Skills can be observed and tested, they can be developed by study, training, and practice.

Our writers will help you craft your KSA to achieve maximum impact from your resume. You will need to communicate closely with your writer. In your initial order include the KSA requirements of the listing, and if possible a rough draft of what you would like to present. You and your writer will craft a KSA summary that will achieve maximum output.

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